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The new 3 panel Multifit Fireguard is ideal for corner wood burning stoves or for fireplaces with shallow hearths that don't require our more popular 5-panel fireguard. This versatile and stylish 3-panel fireguard comes in 3 sizes ( we can also customize) . This is a premium heat-resistant metal fireguard packed with unique safety features.. Read below for sizing guide and product features. 


The new version Babasafe Multifit Fireguard ( released in November 2019) now comes virtually assembled and just needs to be fitted to the wall. Substantially heavier than most other baby gates and fireguards the all new Babasafe Multifit now features super easy quick release and fold up and swing shut gate function for easiesr daily use.



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We introduced the new 3-panel Multifit fireguard to cater for those who have corner hearths or  smaller fireplaces with shallow hearths or even nor hearth at all. Rather than completely surrounding the hearth of the chimney breast, the 3-panel fireguard can go wall to wall effectively sectioning off the stove or fire with fewer panels, taking up less space but keeping a safe distance from the heat source. This 3-panel fire guard may also suit those with inset stoves or fireplaces with very small hearths to create a neat, elegant and babyproof fireguard surround around the heat source without taking up too much space.



  • New Super Easy Installation! Fit in just a few minutes! Takes seconds to assemble, and just a few minutes to wall mount.
  • A great fit : multiple sizes now available - we guarantee our fireguard will fit any fireplace or stove - in the most efficient way possible. We offer a customization and sizing service. Simply fill out the form below.
  • Built to last. Heavy duty metal build that will last years and even for toddlers you may have in the future!
  • Uniquely Versatile. Every panel angle can be unlocked to adjust the angles 360 ° and then locked at that angle. Fits your space perfectly, stays rigid for stability. Panels are interchangeable if required.
  • Extend with 20cm, 30cm, 49cm, 70cm or 90cm panels if needed. If it suits better you can also purchase a 5 panel with additional sections right away as many people do. See all extensions on this page
  • 76cm high for extra safety, taller than standard baby gates
  • Baby proof & designed to EN 1930: 2011 . double locking gate (one-handed operation), no sharp corners, non-toxic paint & anti-climb wall brackets.
  • New Swing Shut Operation simply walk through and swing shut after use.
  • New! Quick Release & Fold up in seconds. Super easy quick release wall mounts, no need to dissassemble to fold up.
  • Baby-proof with double locking gate (one-handed operation), no sharp cornersheat resistant non-toxic paint & anti-climb wall brackets & 
  • 1 year warranty as standard






  • Each 3-panel guard comes with 3 panels.
  • The gate is 90cm as standard
  • The brackets add an additional 5cm depth.
  • The brackets can be fit at any angle so even on slanted or adjacent walls. The wall needs to be level vertically however for the brackets to fit properly.
rotate angles child fireguard
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total perimeter : 150cm

Panels included : 90 cm gate + 2 x 30 cm panels

conifigure : 30 x 90cm (30 each side, 90 gate in middle)

or like : adjust angles & widen up to 146cm

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total perimeter : 188cm

Panels included : 90 cm gate + 2 x 49 cm panels

conifigure : 49 x 90cm ( 49 each side, 90 gate in middle)

or like : adjust angles & widen up to 188cm

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total perimeter : 230cm

Panels included : 90 cm gate + 2 x 70 cm panels

conifigure : 70 x 90cm ( 49 each side, 90 gate in middle)

or like : adjust angles & widen up to 230cm

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total perimeter : 270cm

Panels included : 90 cm gate + 2 x 90 cm panels

conifigure : 90cm x 90cm ( 90 each side, 90 gate in middle)

or like : adjust angles & widen up to 188cm




Wall Brackets


Anti-Climb Wall brackets: Designed so that a foothold is not possible to avoid the climbing hazard.The wall brackets on the Multifit are positioned above the skirting towards the top of the gate. The brackets are super durable to withstanding impacts from adults and children alike

Quick Release : Remove from the wall in seconds with quick release buttons. ( the cover of the wall bracket can also be slid off so that only the wall plate remains)

Extra Strong : wall brackets are 5cm deep. Wall plates are 4.5cm x 45cm and are fitted starting from 34cm from the floor running all the way up to the top of the gate.

STOVE GUARD WALL FITTED BRACKETS     baby fire guards quick release brackets     babay fireguards brackets swivel





Fold up & put away in seconds.


Quick release in seconds and fold up flat when not in use: The gate has a baby proof but quick release bracket system operated making it extremely easy to dismantle. Loosen the hinge locks and fold it up neatly for storage under a bed or in a cupboard.

fold up baby fireguard

Please note not all configurations of our baby fireguard will fold exactly like in the photo above. In some cases it may be neccessary to dismantle the guard to fold in the smallest way possible ( only takes a few seconds).



Baby proof double lock

Child Proof Double Locking System: The gate portion of the Multifit, uses a childproof double locking system that secures the gate at top and bottom but is possible for an adult to open with one hand. Just slide your thumb & Lift



Swing shut gate

Walk through and swing shut behind you to put the gate back to the locked position with ease. Ideal for high traffic areas or where one handed operation is required.



swing shut baby fireguard



Extend if required

If after purchasing the Multifit Fireguard you decide you would like to cover a larger area no problem - simply purchase a 20cm, 30cm, 49cm , 70cm or 90cm extension. See all extensions on this page 

 extendable baby fireguard ireland


Other features

No sharp corners: The Multifit is designed so that there are no sharp edges that could cause an injury to your child should bump into the gate. Furthermore, if positioned correctly and the correct size is purchased the gate will clear your hearth which is one of the most dangerous collision risks in your living room.

NonToxic Paint: As with all Babasafe baby safety products the Multifit is coated with paint that does not have harmful chemicals.


We can  provide a custom configured fireguard!

Have an unusual stove or fireplace? No problem we can help with that! Our expert team is at hand to provide custom fireguard configurations and expert advice on unusual shaped hearths and plinths, inglenooks, corner stoves and even circular shaped hearths. We will offer advice on how to achieve the safest and best-looking option for your space and in particular, if you are limited for space we can help you figure out the best option. To avail of this free service please fill out the sizing form at the top of the page and we will call you within 1 business day to discuss. Please note we only provide this service over the phone as there can be many variables to cover and it can get very long winded over email!



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