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Large enough to surround your hearth, not so big it takes over your room, the right distance from the heat source, High enough that it can't be climbed and neat and elegant so it blends in with your home. More

Safety Features

76cm high with a double locking door feature, no climb wall brackets, non-toxic & heat resistant coating, no sharp edges for nasty bumps &. More

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Not Sure? Need help choosing a size? Have an unusual size stove or fireplace? No problem, fill out the form above and we will solve that in a jiffy. (Also see a sizing guide below for our standard sizes) or contact us

Baby Fireguards and Fireguard Extensions.


Now 14 fireguard sizes available! See your options by clicking on the product detail pages below. Our 5-panel fireguards suit most homes in Ireland, However, check out our new 3-panel fireguards are ideal for corner stoves/ fireplaces or for fireplaces that have very small or shallow hearths/ plinths.  Need help? fill out the form above with your dimensions and we will get in touch with a solution or check out our " How to Choose A Fire Guard" Guide here 


Can I get a custom fit?

Yes, we can provide a large range of sizes that do not appear as prepacked sizes on our website. We can provide any combination of panels you require 20cm, 28cm, 49cm, 70cm and 90cm. This is particularly useful for those who need a fireguard for unsymmetrical fireplaces, circular fireplaces, Aga cookers/ ranges or fireplaces in tight spaces. Get in touch with an expert to discuss.


What distance should I have the fireguard from the fire?

There are no official regulations on what distance you should have a fireguard from a stove/FIRE  in Ireland and many of the stove manufacturers have individual requirements. We recommend considering the distance to the fire carefully. The fireguard should firstly not be so close to the heat source that your child can reach through the bars and touch the fire from any angle. Normally over 40cm is too far for a child up to 24 months of age to reach.

Secondly, as the fireguard is made from metal, you should consider the possibility of the fireguard overheating on every panel both front and sides. Every fire/stove is different and the temperature from house to house can vary depending on the kilowatt of the stove and the strength of the fire as well as the length of time the fireguard is exposed to heat. As a precaution in our user manual, we mention the distance from a stove should be 75cm, and the distance from an open flame fire should be 90cm. However, in many homes, this distance is not required and is not even possible due to space limitations and in some homes, more 75cm is required! It is the responsibility of the user to check the guard both initially and regularly to ensure the gate is not getting too hot. We included the over-heat thermometer strip to assist you with this - anything above 40° is considered too hot to touch. If you find your fireguard is over-heating discontinue use immediately and look at extensions from Babasafe to increase the distance.


Can I fit the brackets at the side of a chimney breast?

Yes our brackets can be fit at any angle and will rotate 360 degrees from the last panel of the gate


Will the brackets fit around skirting board?

The brackets are 5cm deep and are designed to skip out skirting completely and are fitted at the top of the gate panel so a foothold is not available for your child. The bracket strips are fitted to the wall in 3 places for strength.


Can I use the fireguard outdoors?

Yes, however, the paint work should be treated with a rust proof coating


What if I choose the wrong size?

If you choose the wrong size we will work with you to find the most effective option by either swapping out panels or adding extra panels to the gate. You can, of course, return the gate for a full refund provided the product arrives back to us in a saleable condition.

What age is children the fireguard suitable for?

 The babasafe multifit fireguard is designed for children up to 24 months of age. Be careful however - all baby safety products are eventually defeatable. You may find your child is capable of opening or climbing the fireguard at some point even before 24 months of age. Be vigilant at all times and cease use if you find yoru child is able to climb or open the fireguard.


5 PANEL FIRE GUARD - for full details please check the detailed page of the products below

SizingTotal PerimeterIncluded:Price
Small 202cm 4 x 28cm + 90cm Gate €91.99
Medium 244cm 2 x 28cm + 2 x 49cm + 90cm Gate €99.99
Large 286cm 2 x 28cm + 2 x 70cm + 90cm Gate €99.99
XL (A) 286cm 4 x 49cm + 90cm Gate €99.99
XL (B) 326cm 2 x 28cm + 2 x 90cm + 90cm Gate €107.99
XL (C) 328cm 2 x 49cm + 2 x 70cm + 90cm Gate €107.99
XXL (A) 368cm 2 x 49cm + 2 x 90cm + 90cm Gate €116.99
XXL (B) 370cm 4 x 70cm + 90cm Gate €116.99
XXL (C) 410cm 2 x 70cm + 2 x 90cm + 90cm Gate €122.99
XXXL 450cm 4 x 90cm + 90cm Gate €129.99